Coming soon, an app to engage with Doncaster’s build environment and heritage. If you have any suggestions for taking this forward please let us know! Advertisements

The toolkit relates to four sites in Doncaster, based on the research carried out previously. These were St. George’s Minster, the Market Place, Sir Nigel Gresley Square and finally Hyde Park Cemetery. The Toolkit itself is a resource aimed at encouraging Doncaster’s youth to ENGAGE, EXPLORE and INVENT their city’s built environment. It strengthens collective […]

Engaging with the built environment involves the creative interpretation of spaces and places, the objects within them and the events and interactions that occur in them. This interpretation encourages the children to engage with buildings and urban spaces in a way that is provocative rather than instructive, as is captured in the quote below by Freeman Tilden […]

This Conservation Area was designated on the 15th September 1997. The definition of special interest for the St Georges Conservation Area is as follows: It is the site of Doncaster Castle and the Motte stood where the present church is; Religious importance; The Minster is the most important church in the town, is easily recognisable, […]

This Conservation Area was designated on the 2nd October 1974. The definition of special interest for this conservation area is as follows: The market is essential to the identity of Doncaster; The existence of the market lies in Doncasters Roman origins, however, the character of the market place today is defined by the Medieval town […]

A Conservation Area is an area of special architectural or historic interest, the character or appearance of which is desirable to preserve or enhance, designated by the local Council. Conservation Areas are of many kinds; town centres, such as Doncaster, or may be focused on squares, terraces or villages. It is the overall character of […]

Many diverse historic parks and gardens have survived to this day, ranging from town gardens and public parks to large country estates. English Heritage manages a number of historic parks and gardens, however, most other historic parks and gardens are either privately owned or in trust. Many parks and gardens of historic interest are open […]